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The bus station LED Totem in Sydney, Australia

Nowadays, in this information society, people receive more and more information. Even a small piece of information, as long as it is displayed in the right place, will be widely viewed and observed by people. In other words, in this information era, the role of the LED Totem has been amplified. Next, what I am talking about is a case of a bus stop LED Totem that Tecnon Smart Display has cooperated with the partner Flash media in Sydney, Australia.

Why did the LED Totem choose to be placed on bus stops?

There is a lot of traffic near the bus station. Under such a crowded situation, the content displayed on the LED Totem will be noticed by countless people, which has made a great advertising effect for the needs of customers.

This is the project that Flash media cooperated with Tecnon Smart Display according to the needs of customers at that time. We summarize the relevant LED and LCD information, and finally provide customers with a bus stop solution. This is a 1000mm x 2000mm double-sided LED Totem with P3.125 on the inside and 3.846 on the outside. This is also a feature of this LED Totem. The inward-facing screen is for passengers who are sitting on a bench and preparing to go home, these people are relatively close to the screen, so this screen needs a higher resolution. The outward-facing screen is for passers-by, who can view the contents of the screen from a distance. After the project was completed at that time, the display effect of the LED Totem was extremely perfect, which met the customer’s expectation and was a successful case.

Tecnon has always been pursuing quality as its corporate tenet. It not only strictly controls product quality and product price, but also continuously optimizes production processes to achieve large-scale and standardized production. In the future, Tecnon will continue to integrate the spirit of continuous exploration and innovation into product production, and strive to solve difficulties for customers and provide customers with the best quality products.



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