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                                                                              About TECNON

Tecnon Smart Display is a turnkey LED screen solution provider for outdoor advertising. Located in the heartland of LED screen industry in Shenzhen China, we are committed to developing an effective alternative solution to the traditional static light box by providing dynamic and intelligent DOOH devices with state of art technology for our customers.  

One of our great achievements is LED pole banner/pole screen integrated into 4G/5G smart lamppost. With over 30,000 units already installed in smart city projects, we are expanding the same display concept in larger size to professional outdoor advertising applications like gas station and roadside wayfinding. 

LED totems for toll gate and bus stop are another successful business. Thanks to the outstanding features compared to static light box in floor standing totem and poster at facade, our DOOH devices allows owners to reach maximum viewers much more effectively through a dynamic way. 

Smart up and beautify your environment via our LED DOOH devices. Let’s work together.
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