Limited Warranty

Buyer is entitled to have a two year limited warranty from delivery date. Manufactured parts include frame body and construction, all ribbon cabling cables, secondary power cables, venting fans, hub cards. TECNON SMART DISPLAY provides two years of tech support via phone, internet, remote connect and email. Local and regional labor and technical sourcing support is included in this warranty where available and is provided as a courtesy to buyer at buyer expense for usage. 

Modules, controls and receiving cards hold a manufacturer two year warranty. 

This warranty is Non-transferable and is void if: tampered with, misused, subleased, vandalism, natural causes, improper electrical connection or grounding of display or signage. Client’s own purchased / provided computer equipment & software are excluded. Issues arising from software deletion, missing, misuse, computer virus on computer or uploaded to display controller are not covered under warranty. No labor is included in this warranty.

Manufacturers’ obligation under this Warranty is limited to, at Manufacturers’ option, replacing or repairing, any equipment or part thereof that is found by Manufacturer not to conform to the Equipment’s specifications. Unless otherwise directed by Manufacturer, any defective part or component shall be returned to Manufacturer for repair or replacement. The limited warranty provided by Manufacturer does not impose any duty or liability upon Manufacturer. Partial LED pixel degradation or failure not warranted and is normal wear and tear. No warranty or guaranty extended to any pre-existing signage, structures, electrical or lighting of any kind.

TECNON SMART DISPLAY’s screen must be wired and installed by licensed professional electrical contractor and must meet the minimum power requirements required by the display and proper grounding and power surge / filtration protection / system must be in place to avoid power surge and electrical damage to LED system, which is not covered under this warranty. Hydraulic lifts are provided as an aid and not critical component of the display system and are excluded. Locking mechanisms and hinges are covered for the full two year term unless damaged by misuse or improper installation. Normal wear and tear such as weather-ability, scratches, etc not covered under this warranty.

Manufacturer shall have a reasonable period of time to make such replacements or repairs and all labor associated therewith shall be performed during regular working hours. Manufacturer will bear return shipping cost to purchaser for the first year of repaired or replaced component. Warranty period is not extended to do purchase or replacement of components.

Warranty cycle initiated upon delivery of goods.

Damage caused by fire, flood, earthquake, water, wind, lightning or other natural disaster, strike, inability to obtain materials or utilities, war, terrorism, civil disturbance or any other cause beyond Manufacturer’s reasonable control is not covered under this warranty; When required, client is to provide equipment in a timely manner.

TECNON SMART DISPLAY will be held harmless for any sign removals, surface effects, structural bodies or like, arising from any client agreement defaults. Purchaser agrees to hold TECNON SMART DISPLAY harmless for removal of signage not paid for in accordance with stipulated terms. Purchaser agrees to pay any fees associated with any re-installation of signage that may have been removed for non compliance with terms. Purchaser must continue timely term payments regardless of service or warranty issues, default in payments or payment terms voids warranty.

TECNON SMART DISPLAY does not connect any sign to electrical outlet or assume liability for same. TECNON standard quality materials & workmanship. Seller will not be held responsible for any representation &/or agreement not specified in writing on agreement. 
-Deposits are non-refundable. 
-TECNON SMART DISPLAY and the Client are equally responsible for job completion support. 
-TECNON SMART DISPLAY cannot be held responsible for any theft or vandalism on job site.

To be valid, the original invoice must be attached to this guarantee.

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