Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Q1: I need it at lower brightness at bedtime to avoid complaints about the light pollution from my neighbors. How can I achieve this?

A: Our products are all designed with smart light sensors to adjust the display brightness automatically, which will decrease in brightness as the ambient light dims at night, no need to adjust manually and worry about the light pollution at night, even much less power consumption and more energy saving.

Q2: Can the displayed contents be seen clearly under direct sunshine in the daytime?

A: Yes. With brightness up to 7000nits and the small pixel pitch 3.84mm or smaller as you request, the images on the display can be seen clearly even under direct sunshine in the daytime and from long distance.

Q3: How about the electricity cost?

A: Our LED displays designed with auto-adjustment in brightness, which will decrease in brightness as the ambient light dims at night to make working current much more lower, much less electricity cost and more energy saving. In the meanwhile, more energy saving means less heat generated and more reliable system.

Q4: Can it be used in hot area? What’s the working temperature?

A: Our system can withstand temperatures about 80℃.

Mounted on the floor and exposed under the sunshine, limited space inside the cabinet, overall metal frame structure, all these aspects make the temperature inside the cabinet quite high, easily over 60℃. The system must withstand a temperate of around 80℃.

Below are our solutions to withstand the high temperature of 80 degrees:

  • Power supply, sending card, receiving card, cables, etc, are customized to be working at temperatures of nearly 80 degrees. Otherwise, the system will crash when at noon time, or not work properly.
  • The sending card is the processing center of the whole device. To control a limited display area, use only 1G memory card for less heat.
  • USe industrial grade capacitors.
  • Use more power supplies to ensure each one works at the most efficient mode, less heat generated.
  • Place sending cards, receiving cards, power supplies, and fans in proper postions seperately for the best heat dissipattion effect.
  •  Fix internal wirings in straight way, for better internal air convection.
  •  Metal heat conduction. Large air inlets and outlets for better heat dissipation effect.
  •  Double the quantity of fans

Q5: I get much less customers late at night, can it be turned off easily?

A: Yes, Tecnon displays can achieve the remote power off. Just tell us if you need this function during the inquiry, and we’ll customize it for you with reasonable price.

Q6: Why are LED screens designed with brightness sensors?

A: The LED pole screens are all installed on the road. The brightness may affect the driver’s vision. Therefore, brightness adjustment is needed, high sensitivity, and manually + automatically.

Q7: What are the advantages of temperature control fan over Conventional fan?

A: Conventional fan will be running all the time, a mechanical component with short lifetime. Temperature control fan will  run when the temperature is about 30℃.

For energy-saving.

For less dust.

Q8: How to ensure that the signal connection of the screen installed beside the driveway is stable?

A: Pole screens are all located on the main road or expressway. Strong wind, overloaded trucks, etc, that pass by may cause the connectors to loosen or oxidize. Therefore, a fixed button is added inside the cabinet to clamp the Ethernet cable terminals.

Q9: Why should the LED screen have the function of relay remote power off?

A: Extend the whole system lifetime. Everyday, shut off the power during mid-night or early morning, for the system to rest for some time.

Energy saving.

For better remote management.

Q10: Why is the appearance the key part of the LED pole screen design?

A: Smart lamppost screen are sophisticated device and are a business card for urban modernization.

Elegant appearance, scientific and modern design, suitable for high-end intelligent terminal.

Q11: Will the LED pole screen installed at a high place easily fall off because it is too heavy?

A: The LED pole screen adopts aluminum frame as the cabinet, which is light in weight and convenient for transportation and installation.

Each of our products has strong brackets and has undergone relevant strength tests before shipment to ensure that it can be safely applied outdoors.

For customized products, if they are very heavy, we will assist in obtaining third-party structural strength reports to ensure that outdoor use is safe and robust.

Q12: Can the product withstand typhoon? What is the IP rating?

A:  First, it can withstand strong wind up to level 12.

Second, IP65 and UV resistant for outdoor use.

Q13: Is the product waterproof and corrosion proof?

A:The water protection plate set on the top of cabinet, which greatly improve the waterproof effect.

Prefect finish with durable coating, which can prevent the bird’s excrement from staying and corroding the surface of the cabinet.

Q14: Where is suitable for the LED pole screen with speaker?

A:Smart street lights are a scene of city management that can initiate audio broadcasts in case of emergency.

Scenic spots, schools, communities, business districts, commercial complexes, etc, require audio broadcasting.

The speakers of the light pole screen should be customized since conventional speakers can not be built in. It should be waterproof, and powerful to reach the certain distance.

Q15: Can the free-standing screen be switched synchronously without delay?

A: Cluster control service, available for operator to manage the  simultaneous broadcasting contents in LED Signs from a variety  of locations through the Internet, while sitting in the control  room. Dozens or hundreds of free-standing screens in one scene, and the program could be switched synchronously without any delay.

Q16: How is the security of your product system?

A: The pole screen, as a public facility, requeires systematic guarretees on the security. 16-bit encryption + mailbox verification code + operation log + secure server are our answers. Three levels of permission to prevent outside hackers, or internal trickers.

Q17: Do you have your own server?

A: Tecnon has 3 own servers, providing professional service to customers. For customers with small quantity of displays, we offer after- sales service via our own server. Using a third-party server is not a long-term solution.

Q18: Do you have any relevant patents for your products?

A: Yes, we have many patents, including design patent certificate.

Q19: Where is the standardization of your products?

A: Installation design of the free-standing screen, packaging, components, and software settings are all standardized.

Q20: How about the delivery of your products?

A:Firstly, for standard products, we have a large stocks. The stocks means the corresponding model has finalized design, confirmed drawings, determined accessory supplier, and experienced production line. Therefore, we can produce and deliver standard products fast.

Secondly, delivery time of customized products depends on the actual situation.

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