LED Totem successfully occupied the position–Shenzhen Luohu District Buji Street Xiawu Village

Technology affects our lives. After a deep understanding of global development trends, Xiawu Village in Buji Street, Luohu District, adopted a new advertising method and introduced the latest P8 series 2240mm*960mm LED Totem into private territory to illuminate new moments for technological life.

Xiawu Village, Buji Street, Luohu District, is located in Luohu, Shenzhen, with beautiful environment and prosperous economy. The municipal government has been taking many measures to improve the image of the city and increase the value of real estate. Among them, the introduction of advanced LED Totem is one of its important measures. Two sets of P8 series 2240mm*960mm LED Totem are placed in the two most popular public places in Xiawu Village. These two places are gathering places for residents and tourists of Xiawu Village, with large flow of people, and can make full use of LED Totem for efficient advertising dissemination.

The large display screen and vivid visual effects make people look again and again. Whether it is daytime or nighttime, the LED display screen can clearly display advertising information. The clarity and high-quality color effects of the P8 series LED Totem provide a vivid presentation form for advertising, marking that Xiwu Village has entered a new era of technological advertising. This move has been warmly welcomed by local residents. Everyone said that the application of technology has improved the quality of life in Xiwu Village and further increased the modern atmosphere of the village. Advertisers have obviously noticed this and have begun to actively advertise and rely on LED Totem to spread brand information.

The successful model of Xiawu Village in Buji Street, Luohu District, Shenzhen shows that it is feasible to promote local economic development by using technology while respecting traditional culture. The P8 series 2240mm*960mm LED Totem is undoubtedly a successful case of connecting modern technology with local characteristics. It has begun to become a new landmark of Xiawu Village and has lit up a new development path for other urban areas in Luohu District.



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