Application of double-sided LED pole banner in Dongtai Commercial Pedestrian Street, Yancheng

As an important local commercial center, the Dongtai Commercial Pedestrian Street in Yancheng attracts a large number of citizens and tourists every day. In order to improve the modern management level of the commercial street and enhance the information dissemination effect, the Dongtai Municipal Government installed 93 sets of double-sided LED pole banner on the commercial pedestrian street. These LED pole screens not only bring more brilliant brilliance to the commercial street at night, but also become an important tool for information release and urban management.

Double-sided LED pole banner can display a variety of information, including business advertisements, promotional information, event notices, weather forecasts, traffic conditions, etc. This information release method is instant and efficient, and can quickly convey the latest developments and attract more customers. High brightness and rich colors add a modern visual effect to the commercial pedestrian street. The light show at night not only beautifies the streetscape, but also enhances the shopping experience of citizens and tourists. Some LED pole banner are equipped with cameras, which can conduct real-time video monitoring, improving the safety management level of the commercial pedestrian street. This plays a positive role in preventing crime and handling emergencies. LED pole banner use energy-saving technology, which can automatically adjust the brightness according to the ambient light, thereby reducing energy consumption and achieving the goal of green environmental protection.

The application of double-sided LED pole banner makes information dissemination faster and more accurate. Merchants can release the latest promotional information in a timely manner to attract customers and increase operating income. At the same time, the government and management departments can also release announcements and emergency information through the screen, which improves management efficiency. The gorgeous lighting and dynamic display effects of the LED pole banner make the night view of the commercial pedestrian street more charming, enhance the modern image of the city, attract more tourists to visit and shop, and drive the development of the local economy. The introduction of the video surveillance system has effectively improved the safety management capabilities of the commercial pedestrian street. Whether it is monitoring traffic order or preventing crime, the double-sided LED pole banner has played an important role.

The successful application of double-sided LED pole banner in the commercial pedestrian street of Dongtai City, Yancheng, not only improves the information dissemination and safety management level of the commercial street, but also beautifies the urban environment and enhances the shopping experience of citizens and tourists. This case demonstrates the innovative achievements in the construction of smart cities and provides a strong reference and reference for the management of commercial streets in other cities. By continuously promoting the construction of smart cities, Dongtai City, Yancheng will continue to make new breakthroughs in improving the level of urban management and the quality of life of citizens.



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