Innovative combination of LED digital signage and photoelectric glass signage——Shenzhen Luohu MixC

At the intersection of Jiabin Road and Baoan South Road in the prosperous area of Luohu District, Shenzhen, stands a modern high-end luxury shopping center, Luohu MixC. As a new landmark for fashion shopping, Luohu MixC brings consumers a brand new shopping experience with its unique design concept and avant-garde technology applications. In this shopping paradise full of fashion atmosphere, the innovative integration of LED digital signage and photoelectric glass guide signs adds a unique charm to the mall.

15 sets of 800×1600 LED digital signage are an important technological facility introduced by Luohu MixC. These digital signage not only provide clear navigation guidance, but also update the mall’s internal event information, promotions and the latest product information in real time, providing consumers with convenient and comprehensive shopping information services. Whether in the busy shopping season or in daily shopping, these LED digital signage provides consumers with convenient and fast navigation and information query functions, making the shopping experience smoother.

Photoelectric glass guide signs are another eye-catching innovation of Luohu MixC. These guide signs not only provide information guidance in terms of function, but also add a mysterious and artistic atmosphere to the shopping center through their unique materials and designs. The information vaguely revealed by the photoelectric glass guide signs makes consumers feel as if they are in a space full of unknowns and explorations, adding to the fun and mystery of shopping. In this shopping paradise where technology and art are combined, the photoelectric glass guide signs have become a unique landscape that has attracted the attention of many consumers.

Luohu MixC has also introduced two photovoltaic glass storage window screens, adding new vitality to the mall. These storage window screens can not only display the latest product information and window design, but also attract the attention of passers-by, increase the mall’s exposure and brand awareness. Through the innovative use of these photovoltaic glass storage window screens, Luohu MixC has successfully combined technology with business, presenting consumers with a brand new shopping experience.

Shenzhen Luohu MixC has successfully created a shopping environment full of fashion and technology through the innovative integration of LED digital signage and photoelectric glass signage. The introduction of these technological facilities not only enhances the shopping experience, but also injects new vitality and competitiveness into the mall, becoming one of the models of urban commercial development. In the future, with the continuous development of technology, Luohu MixC will continue to be committed to creating a better shopping place for consumers, leading the fashion trend, and creating a brighter future.



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