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Why can the LED Pole Screen guarantee long-term use?

As a smart city display terminal device, the LED Pole Screen can not only play multimedia content such as audio, pictures, text and video, but also perform remote control, saving operating costs. Equipped with various information sensors on the smart lamppost, it can display temperature, humidity, weather and environmental data on the LED Pole Screen, and at the same time broadcast various information such as convenience services to realize the commercial value of smart street lights and people’s livelihood services value.

As an electronic device, the performance and service life of the LED Pole Screen need to be controlled. For this reason, Tecnon also specially controls the brightness, material and layout of the Pole Screen.

Heat Dissipation

Tecnon has set up multiple temperature-controlled fans to ensure its normal operation. At the same time, the layout of electronic components such as sending cards, receiving cards, power supplies, and fans must meet the principle of thermal convection.


Due to the working environment of the Pole Screen, the power supply, sending card, wire of the internal components of it need to be resistant to high temperatures close to 80 degrees to ensure that the light pole screen can work normally even in a high temperature environment.

Smart Light Sensor

Tecnon Pole Screen uses a large chip material, which makes the  Pole Screen more adaptable to the environment and has a large usable space for brightness. Here, a photoresistor also is installed on LED Pole Screen, which can adjust the brightness of the screen according to the intensity of the ambient light, reduce the heat generated by the screen, and improve stability.



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