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How to choose a fast delivery manufacturer


Whether the delivery time is on time is a symbol of the strength of a company. There are many reasons why companies can’t deliver on time, but in the final analysis, it is the word “out of control”, and some emergencies cannot be grasped. Due to the complexity of the production process of the Pole Screen, it is a very time-consuming process from raw material inspection, lamp bead welding, system debugging, IC card testing and screen aging. Therefore, in order to avoid “out of control”, it is necessary to control production and quality, and Tecnon did this.

Controlling materials: stocking in advance, ensuring quality

Prepare materials for 6,000 Pole Screens, and do incoming inspection and raw material storage in advance. In addition to taking precautions, it also further ensures product quality, which is one of the reasons why Tecnon has always guaranteed quality.

The fast delivery time is nothing more than adding manpower and production workshops. Tecnon also set up a new workshop this year to produce Pole Screens. In addition, 6 machines and 6 production lines have been added to meet the conditions for mass production of modules. , so as to achieve mass production.

Tecnon not only strictly controls product quality and product price, but also continuously optimizes the production process to achieve large-scale and standardized production.



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