LED pole screen in a high-end luxury shopping center——Shenzhen Luohu MixC

In modern society, shopping has become a kind of enjoyment and pursuit in people’s daily life. In order to attract more consumers and enhance the shopping experience, Luohu MixC has become one of the most attractive and competitive shopping centers in Shenzhen with its high-end luxury image and unique design concept. One of the eye-catching highlights is the 102 P3.84, 1000×2000 LED pole screen it introduced.

Luohu MixC is located at the intersection of Jiabin Road and Baoan South Road in Luohu District, Shenzhen. As a high-end luxury shopping center, it aims to bring consumers an unparalleled shopping experience. Therefore, when creating its unique image, it chose LED pole screen with a sense of luxury and modernity. These light pole screens bring visual shock and pleasure to consumers with their stunning picture effects and excellent color reproduction.

In the space planning of Luohu MixC, 102 P3.84, 1000×2000 LED pole screen are cleverly placed in the main passages and core locations of the mall, making it one of the focal points of the entire shopping mall. In addition, these screens can also switch content display according to the mall’s holiday activities, seasonal changes and different business strategies, providing personalized and diversified information delivery.

These LED pole screen are not only exquisite in design, but also very advanced in technology. The adopted P3.84 pixel density ensures the clarity and fineness of the picture, making the displayed content more realistic. At the same time, the integrated design makes the LED pole screen lighter and easier to install and maintain, saving the mall time and resources.

Luohu MixC has successfully created a luxurious and high-end shopping environment by introducing these P3.84, 1000×2000 LED pole screen. These screens not only add a sense of modernity and technology to the mall, but also provide a new way of publicity and promotion for merchants. While shopping, consumers can enjoy wonderful advertising and promotion content, which increases the fun and interactivity of shopping.

The LED pole screen case in Shenzhen Luohu MixC shows us how high-end luxury shopping centers can cleverly use it to create a unique image and enhance the shopping experience. Whether in terms of design aesthetics, technological advancement or publicity and promotion effects, the introduction of these LED pole screen is a successful attempt, bringing unique charm and competitiveness to the shopping center.



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