​Smart Light Pole Application in Chengdu Open-air Music Park

As an important cultural landmark in Chengdu, Chengdu Open-Air Music Park is committed to creating a modern venue that integrates performances, entertainment, leisure and other functions. In order to improve the park’s intelligent management level and tourists’ experience, the Chengdu Municipal Government implemented a smart lamp pole project in the park.

The smart light pole project aims to improve the management efficiency and service level of the park through technical means. Smart light poles are not just simple lighting equipment, but also combine a variety of modern technological functions, such as LED light pole screen information delivery, electronic signposts, environmental monitoring, etc.

Smart light poles are equipped with high-quality LED light pole screens for displaying and publishing real-time information. These screens can display a variety of information, such as event announcements, weather forecasts, safety tips, etc. The high brightness and clarity of the LED screen ensure that it can be clearly seen even in strong daylight, providing convenient information services for tourists. In order to improve the guidance and navigation effect of tourists, smart light poles are equipped with rotating electronic signposts. These signposts can flexibly adjust their directions according to the location and needs of tourists, providing dynamic and accurate navigation information. Visitors only need to scan the QR code on the light pole, and the system will automatically identify the current location and recommend the best route.

The smart light poles also have built-in environmental monitoring sensors to monitor the air quality, temperature, humidity and other environmental data in the park in real time. Through linkage with the smart management platform, managers can grasp the environmental conditions in the park in real time, and make timely adjustments and optimizations to provide tourists with a comfortable and safe environment. Each smart light pole is equipped with a high-definition camera to monitor the park’s security. The camera works around the clock and transmits monitoring videos to the management center in real time. Once an abnormal situation is detected, the system will automatically alarm, and managers can respond quickly to improve the park’s safety management level.

Since the implementation of the smart light pole project, the management efficiency of Chengdu Open-Air Music Park has been significantly improved, and visitor satisfaction has also been significantly improved. Through the multi-functional application of smart light poles, information transmission in the park is faster and more accurate, visitor navigation is more convenient, safety monitoring is more in place, and the overall environment is more pleasant. The smart light pole project not only brings convenience to park management, but also provides valuable experience for the intelligent transformation of other urban public places. In the future, Chengdu will continue to promote and apply the results of smart city construction to provide citizens with smarter and more convenient public services.



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